Save Cubberley!

Mark your calendar!

City Council Considers

The Future of Cubberley

in a Public Meeting

Monday, May 13, 8:30pm

Council Chambers, City Hall

1st Floor, 250 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto

We strongly encourage residents to attend this important meeting. High attendance will demonstrate to our elected representatives that residents care about the short- and long-term funding and use of the Cubberley property—as a shared- or joint-use school and community center.

Please make time to participate in this very important meeting if you can.


The community fought off efforts to sell the City’s 8-acre portion to Foothill College in 2011. Over 1,000 residents signed a petition to support saving Cubberley for the school district and local community services.**

In 2012 a committee studied the issue of the best use for the valuable 35-acre Cubberley site.  Their nearly unanimous recommendation was to create a shared- or joint-use site so that the City could maintain community center uses and the school district could reopen a high school when the time comes.  Modern, efficient building layout could create 9 or more acres of reclaimed land if City and PAUSD work together; and joint use where appropriate could make an exciting school of the future.

One well-endowed group has hinted that they may want to buy all or part of city’s portion. This could be a good thing, but no single group should be able to step to the head of the line ahead of planning. Our growing city will demand growing services for all ages and abilities.

The community center space being built at the future Mitchell Park Library cannot replace Cubberley Community Center as it is virtually the same size as before construction.

Council Members need to hear that the public will provide political support to move such a project forward–advocating for an unprecedented level of cooperation between the city and school district.  We must ask the PAUSD and the City to work in partnership to make the best use of our last 35-acre parcel of public facility land.

The City and school district accepted the committee’s report, but have not commented on it yet.  They are having public hearing tomorrow night (May 13) at 8:30 PM.